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Product Name: titanium standard parts
Price: $
Brief Introduction:

Comm.: Titanium Standar Parts
Titanium Bolt, Screw, and Nuts and thread rod
Materials: GR2 GR5  
Standards: DIN912, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN7991,
DIN6912, DIN931, ISO7380, etc. 
screw and nuts: M4.0 to M35 or bigger 
Washer: M2-M24 or bigger
Thread rod: M5.0 to M24 x length 10mm-1000mm; 
Bolt: M2-M24 x Length 6mm-100mm
Remark: Above titanium standard parts can be supplied according to customer’sdesign, swatches or drawings. 
Titanium fasteners classification:

  • Hexagon socket head cap screw (DIN912), the diameter min M2 -max M36 
  • Hexagon head bolt (DIN933), the diameter min M3 -maxM36
  • Hexagon nuts (DIN934), the inside diameter min M3-max M36
  • Pan Head machine screw with Phillip (DIN7985) the diameter min M2-max M6
  • Countersunk flat head screw (DIN965) the diameter min M2-max M6
  • Pan Head and countersunk flat head self-tapping screw the diameter min M1.6-max M6
  • Hexagon socket countersunk head screw (DIN7991) the diameter min M3-max M8
  • Hexagon socket button head screw (DIN7380) the diameter min M3-max M8
  • Other non-standard: Cross recessed pan head machine screws with collar, Hexagon nuts with flange,
  • Hexagon socket set screws and any other according customer's drawings produces

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