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Product Name: titanium ingot
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Brief Introduction:

Titanium ingots

Titanium ingots

Comm.:titanium ingot

Materials: pure and Alloy 

Grade: Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr4,Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12,Gr23

Size: Dia.460/480/560/650mm x Length 2000mm

Pure titanium or titanium alloy ingots are made by melting titanium sponge, with the addition of the alloying elements in the case of titanium alloys. such as Grade 7 in addtion the element of Pd,
Because titanium reacts readily with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, so the melting process must be performed in a vacuum or inert atmosphere.
The manufacture of titanium ingots starts by forming the titanium sponge and titanium scrap into compacts using a press. These are joined together by plasma arc welding to make the consumable electrode, which goes through an arc melting in a vacuum or inert atmosphere to become the first melt ingot. (The melting process starts with an arc forming between the electrode and the crucible. As the electrode melts, the metal runs down and is cooled in the crucible below, forming the first melt ingot.)

To ensure even quality, the first melt ingots are used as electrodes and remelted. After quality control checks, the second melt ingots produced are shaped as final products.

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